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The Much Feared Spirit of the Lochs: The Each-Uisge

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The Each-Uisge is a Scottish water spirit, thought to be the most vicious of all the water-dwelling creatures in Scotland. Its name literally means water horse, and it can be found in Scotland’s sea inlets and lochs, unlike the Kelpie that inhabits rivers and streams. It’s described as being much larger than an ordinary horse, with wide, staring eyes, webbed feet, and a slimy black coat, tinged with green, and it can take on the form of a regular horse, or a man.

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Wordsmiths of the Waters:The Blue Men of the Minch

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When the tide is at the turning and the wind is fast asleep,
And not a wave is curling on the wide, blue deep,
Oh, the waters will be churning in the stream that never smiles,
Where the Blue Men are splashing round the charmèd isles.

from Wonder Tales From Scottish Myth And Legend by Donald Alexander McKenzie

The Blue Men of the Minch are a group of mythological humanoid creatures that inhabit the waters of the Minch, a strait in the north-west of Scotland that separates the mainland from the northern Outer Hebrides.

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