Merry Christmas!

After weeks and weeks of planning, it’s all over in a heartbeat! I had a lovely relaxed day with the family, and only one culinary disaster (always make sure that you and your beloved are working in the same units – pounds and kilos are not even vaguely the same thing!).

Merry Christmas - cranberries

Merry Christmas - mincemeat holly leaves

Despite wishing really hard for snow, it didn’t happen. Instead we were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day and a fine frost on the fields. The sheep didn’t seem to mind.

Merry Christmas - sunshine

The hot chocolate bar was a great success, though the hot chocolate itself was so redonculously rich that nobody managed more than one cup.

Merry Christmas - hot chocolate bar

Esme made these fantastic woodland themed gingerbread biscuits to match our Christmas table. The cutters were an impulse buy from our pre-Christmas trip to Ikea.

Merry Christmas - gingerbread biscuits

I had worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the tree slices that I wanted for our place settings, but the ever wonderful Galgael saved the day and I can’t thank them enough!

 Merry Christmas - table settings

Merry Christmas - cranberry candles

We played our traditional yearly game of the Nightmare Before Christmas board game while we watched the film. It was a five way draw. Again!

Merry Christmas - NBC board game

I hope you all had a fabulous day – Merry Christmas!