Life, Work, and the In-Between

Good grief it’s been ages, hasn’t it? I don’t know why I’m constantly surprised when summer completely passes me by since it’s been like this for the past six years, yet here I am, reeling at it being October. Already. October. Jeez.

For those of you who don’t already know what I do, I’ve been self-employed since 2009, selling my own handmade goods. My product range is hugely inspired by my Scottish heritage and runs from jewellery to bath and body products to hand bound books and paper goods, with the occasional soft doll and papier mâché objet d’art thrown in for good measure. Since 2010 I’ve been resident in Greenock’s ocean terminal for the summer cruise season, serving thousands of cruise ship passengers from all over the world, meeting some absolutely wonderful people, and getting up far too early in the morning. My life from April to October is a blur, regardless of how inordinately organised and ridiculously well prepared I am for it each year. I literally can’t think of a single non work related thing that happened in July or August.


Despite my misgivings about October, I am overjoyed to see Autumn creeping in. This is my favourite time of year; the space in-between when the world pauses for breath after the hustle and bustle of summer, before the harshness of winter hits.

Life, Work, and the In-BetweenOrange October

I’m looking forward to spending lots of quality time with my family, getting back to my regular blogging schedule, clearing my ever increasing TBR pile, crafting some non-work related stuff, baking way too much cake, enjoying the beautiful countryside around our wee white hoose, making a start on the book that’s been sitting in my head for months, and generally enjoying life, because despite the seasonal ups and downs, life is pretty damn good. 

How are you doing?

  • Sara C. Snider

    Great post, and glad to see you back. Your job sounds really cool, even though it might be stressful at times. And autumn is definitely my favorite time of year as well.

    Things have been a little crazy for me as well, but that’s of my own doing as I keep heaping projects onto my plate. But other than that, I’ve been well. :)

    • Fee

      Thanks, Sara! My job *is* really cool, and at the end of day I know I’m very lucky to be able to make a living doing what I love. Taking a step back from it always helps to put everything in perspective.

      Looking forward to catching up with what you’ve been writing over the summer months :)

  • Anabel Marsh

    Welcome back! Your summer sounds terrifyingly hectic, no wonder you had no time for blogging.

    • Fee

      Thanks Anabel! I’m very much looking forward to getting back to it :)

  • Tarkabarka

    Welcome back! Missed you posts :) Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  • JazzFeathers

    Hey, I didn’t know anything about your job. That sounds so fantastic! I know, I know, summer is hell. I work in summer related jobs for long years before settling in the bookshop. But really, I’d love to leave with the creations of my hands, if I could. And I’d love to be self-employed. Eh… maybe one day…

    But I’m happy to see you back. I did wonder where you went to :-)