Christmas Organising

Our Christmas decorations are up, and I’m starting to feel super festive! I love this point in the run up to Christmas, when all the shopping’s taken care of and the decorating’s done and I can breathe a wee sigh of relief and share in my weeny bean’s ever-mounting excitement as the big day looms ever closer.

Christmas Organising - Christmas Tree

In the flat we always had our tree in the living room, but in our wee white hoose it fits better in the hall. It’s lovely to come in from the cold and meet the warm glow of the lights.

Now that my generation of the clan have all flown the nest and established our own wee families, we’ve shuffled ourselves into new Christmas arrangements after nearly forty years of Christmas days at Mum’s, and Mum is finally getting a well deserved rest. We had a cracking Christmas at my sister’s last year, but since she’s in Oz until January it’s now my turn to take up the reins.

This week has been one for organising. I very clearly remember the sight of my Mum hunched over her notepad at the kitchen table in the run up to Christmas, making lists and scribbling notes, surrounded by recipe books and magazines. It made me smile to find myself in exactly the same position for the first time this year and I have no doubt that in the future my girls will reflect on the same thing and smile to themselves, and the cycle will continue.


My to do list is terrifyingly long and involved, which I’m sure is perfectly normal but as I’ve never done Christmas dinner and all the trimmings before, not to mention the dinner I’m cooking on Christmas Eve, it’s rather daunting to say the least. I’m still worried I’ve missed something, despite having laid out everything I need to do in plain English and in as much detail as I possibly could without including things like ‘close cooker and stand upright, placing oven glove on worktop to the right of the hob’, or ‘once the cream is whipped, gently place the whisk in the sink. NB. do not pretend that you’re a basketball player and launch the whisk in to the sink, as per – the remnants of the whipped cream currently attached to said whisk will end up all over the sink, worktop, and window, and you’ll feel like a right muppet when you have to clear it up.’

I’ve managed to save myself a little work by ordering a hamper from the fabulous Mearns T. McCaskie of Wemyss Bay. Along with all the meats we’ll need for the festive season they’re also supplying our stuffing and gravy for the Christmas meal, so I’ll just have to reheat them on the day. Cheating? Maybe. Stress busting? Definitely!

Technically I’m so organised that nothing can go wrong. Let’s see how that works out.