Surprise Mushrooms

Whilst we were waiting for her lift to school this morning, Esme and her eagle eyes spotted that the garden had become peppered with mushrooms overnight, no doubt a product of the warm, wet Autumn we’re having this year. At first glance we thought there were just a few clumps of white mushrooms dotted about but on closer inspection we found black, brown and yellow caps poking up through the grass.

mushroom white  Mushroom orangeMushroom cream  Mushroom black

I was excited to see the black mushrooms and got our spotter’s guide out in the hope that they were Amethyst Deceivers, because hell, that’s a good name for a mushroom! Unfortunately our goth mushrooms were mere Blackening Waxcaps. Not quite as grand a title but good enough.

Much to Kira’s disappointment, none of our ‘shrooms were Shrooms, and much to my disappointment, none of them were edible. Depending on what source I checked there was some debate as to whether the star pinkgills and meadow waxcaps we found could be eaten, but as is always advised I figured it best to err on the side of caution and not try to make a risotto out of them. We plan to start growing definitely edible, definitely not life threatening chestnut and white button mushrooms in our garage in the spring. Probably best to just wait until then.