The Badminton Cup Tartan

Amongst the usual muted colours I’m used to in my tartans, I received this eye-catching specimen in my most recent batch of orders: a pop art/stained glass hybrid of colours on printed silk. I could tell from the design that it was obviously very modern, but I didn’t quite realise just how modern it was until I spoke to Philip from House of Tartan this afternoon – the tartan had in fact been created there last week!

Badminton Tartan

Badminton Scotland have partnered with Glasgow Life, UK Sport and EventScotland to submit a bid to the Badminton World Federation to host the Sudirman Cup in 2017. The Sudirman Cup is the biennial World Team Badminton Championships, and one of the most prestigious titles in the sport.

The tartan uses the red, white, and black of the Badminton World Federation, along with Glasgow’s city colours; green and yellow. The brooches I’ve made this week will be worn by the committee who are presenting the bid for consideration. I hope they bring them luck.