Fifty Day Drawing Challenge

It occurred to me last night that we’re now closer to the end of the year than we are to the start – that’s terrifying! Where have the last six months gone? Despite my brief panic I do love this time of year when the evenings seem endless, the rain occasionally stays off all day, and the girls finish school for the summer. A calm descends on the house as it sinks in that the seven o’clock alarms can be turned off for eight weeks and they can get stuck in to the ridiculously long list of the things that they vowed they would get round to doing in the holidays (they never manage to tick everything off!). We’ve decided to do a drawing challenge this year, fifty days long to take us right through the holidays. As with every challenge, there are, of course, some very stringent rules. 

Fifty Day Drawing Challenge – The Rules

1. Draw a thing that relates to the day’s word from the challenge list. Do this at least once a day, using whatever materials you feel like using.  

Yup, that’s it. You can download a printable list of challenge words from here. If you decide to take part, tag any photos with #50daydraw so I can keep up with you. Happy drawing :)

Fifty Day Drawing Challenge

  • JazzFeathers

    That’s such a nice challenge. and once upon a time, I woudl have take it. Not now, time doesn’t loow me… sighs.
    But good luck with it to you and your girls. I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun! :-)

  • Alice Gerard

    Hi, what a great challenge! I’d love to do it but, alas, not during the summer. I tend people’s gardens so I don’t have the energy. I think that I will try it in November or December, when the gardens are covered with snow!