Printable Calendar (and a Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year! I can’t believe we’re into 2015 already!

2014 flew by in a blur, definitely helped along by my busiest cruise season at the Ocean Terminal since I started there in 2010. Five days of ships in a row in August completely threw me off kilter and I never really caught up with myself after that. This year I’m planning to take a leaf out of my Mum’s book and start getting organised super early so that I have enough stock to comfortably buffer me throughout the year, even taking into account any mad rushes or big orders (like the order for one hundred and twenty six brooches that I’m currently ignoring to write this post – more about that at another time!).

The latter half of 2014 was entirely taken up with our lightning fast lifestyle change from town flat to country house. It was absolutely manic. Three months in to our new home and it’s starting to feel less like a holiday let and more like somewhere we might actually be allowed to stay and enjoy forever. I’m so in love with the place, it’s wonderful. Although winter evenings with the fire on have been cosy and comforting and really rather lovely, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing in spring and summer here. Chickens and bees and barbecues and gardening and stargazing and I can’t wait for everything :)

Esme and I started the year as we mean to go on – in the craft room! We made these super simple tartan thank you cards for her to give to the family after she was spoiled rotten at Christmas, as per.

Printable Calendar 2015 - Thank You CardsOur resolutions this year are pretty much the same as every year that came before it; get fitter, read more, and be more organised, along with a new one for this year from Kira – learn to cook! We bought her a copy of Hilah Johnson’s book, Learn to Cook: A Down and Dirty Guide to Cooking (For People Who Never Learned How), to help her along with the basics, and I can’t wait to help her out! I’m foreseeing an awful lot of fun.

One of my major stumbling blocks when it comes to getting organised has always been keeping track of orders. I tried to manage them with an online based system last year but, like so many things I try to do online, it just didn’t work for me. I’m definitely a paper and pen kind of girl (sorry environment!). This year I’m going back to a good old paper calendar for noting down the dates orders arrive, and the dates they should be finished. I designed this printable calendar for 2015 with just enough space for a couple of notes each day, uncluttered and simple, no bells or whistles. I’ll keep it on a clipboard next to my work table.

Printable Calendar 2015

The calendar is sized to my native A4, so if you’re in the US you may need to check the ‘fit to page’ button for it to print correctly. You can download it here, and I hope you find it useful :)

Printable Calendar 2015