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The Unicorn: Scotland’s National Animal

When it came to picking Scotland’s national animal back in the day, there would have been plenty of choice. Highland cattle, the cheeky Scottish terrier, the red squirrel, or, of course, the majestic golden eagle or red deer stag, to name …
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Elder Folklore and Elderberry Syrup

The elder tree is a familiar sight in the Scottish hedgerow, with its flat topped clusters of delicate cream flowers in late spring, followed by bunches of purple-black berries in autumn. It has perhaps the greatest number of practical uses of any plant, …
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Bramble Ramble: Folklore and Jam

I must be honest, we spent a good chunk of Spring ripping out almost all the brambles from our garden. The previous owners of our wee white hoose had been elderly, and from what we can gather they had just left the …
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A Poem for National Poetry Day 2015