I’m Fee, and I’ve been crafting and making art for as long as I can remember. I’ve turned my hand to everything from paper quilling to skep making, but I never could get the hang of knitting. I’m addicted to yoga, vintage books and papers, and peanut butter powder.

I live in rural Ayrshire with the best guy I could ever hope to meet, and my two mad, talented girls. On a hungover, lazy Sunday in July of 2014 we inadvertently found our dream home, and in the space of three days we’d absolutely trashed our five year plan, thrown caution to the wind, and bought it. Twelve weeks later we said goodbye to town living and started our new life in our wee white hoose.

As a family we do our best to live consciously and sustainably – we’re vegetarians and we’re working hard at becoming an entirely zero waste household. We grow our own veg and medicinal and culinary herbs, we have three cats and six chickens, and we keep bees. Life around here is an absolute riot.

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