Hi! I’m Fee, and I’m terrible at writing about myself.

I’m an artist, photographer, and crafter, living and working in bonnie Scotland. I share my life with the most wonderful man I could ever hope to meet, and my two beautiful, hilarious, incessantly chatty daughters. We do our best to remember that life is for living, and have a ridiculous amount of fun. We have two cats, Cooper and Creeper, and two giant African land snails, #swag and #yolo. I didn’t name the snails, I swear.

On a hungover, lazy Sunday in July of 2014 we inadvertently found our dream home, and in the space of three days we’d absolutely trashed our five year plan, thrown caution to the wind, and bought it. Twelve weeks later we said goodbye to town living and started our new life in the country. This blog will serve to keep our friends and family to keep up to date with our adventures in our wee white hoose, and chronicle our pursuit of a self-sufficient, sustainable life.

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