Yearly Archives: 2015

A Poem for National Poetry Day 2015

Life, Work, and the In-Between

Good grief it’s been ages, hasn’t it? I don’t know why I’m constantly surprised when summer completely passes me by since it’s been like this for the past six years, yet here I am, reeling at it being October. Already. October. Jeez. For …
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Fifty Day Drawing Challenge

It occurred to me last night that we’re now closer to the end of the year than we are to the start – that’s terrifying! Where have the last six months gone? Despite my brief panic I do love this time of …
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The A-Z Challenge 2015: Reflections

April was an absolute whirlwind. This was my first time taking part in the A-Z Challenge and though I had no doubt that I’d make it to the end of the month (I’m tenacious, if nothing else), I didn’t expect to …
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